Cardboard Removal box supplies

We can supply strong recycled cardboard removal boxes, the standard size used by most removal firms 500x350x320 for £1 each, the minimum order is 15 and can be delivered for a small fee if within city centre area. Our price is far less than other local suppliers by 50% so that’s a massive saving!

Direct Collection

Direct Collection is available for customers by appointment only. So call for more info and if you need a large order anywhere in the UK let us know we can do pallets delivery for approx. £0.90p per box with min order of 500 depending on location and courier costs.

Removal packing tips

Start collecting boxes boxes for packing none essential items at least 4 weeks in advance of the move it gives you plenty time – you can call us for boxes!

If you’re trying to save money this is an ideal option instead of buying sometimes expensive boxes, don’t worry about different sized boxes, we are skilled at packing the removals van so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Label your boxes clearly and if possible make a list of the items in each box and keep it to hand.

Have a good clear out , goods / items you no longer require give to charity or friends.

Please close and seal all of your boxes, boxes left open with items protruding are awkward and can be dangerous.

If an item will not fit in a box please do not try to squeeze it in, bubble wrap it separately.

Please do not over fill your boxes, remember that they have to be carried by you and your driver.

  • If they are too heavy this will cause problems for you and your driver and the box may even break under the weight.

  • Please do not under fill your boxes either; this may cause the boxes to collapse if heavy items are put on top.

  • Try to distribute your items evenly throughout your boxes.

  • If possible try to use suitcases, rucksacks and other items of luggage to pack clothes etc, these are preferable to black plastic bags which are often over filled and tear easily.

  • If you do have to use sacks try to use top quality bags or even garden refuse bags which are very thick.

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